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Whatever, Whenever, wherever, all kinds of adhesion problems. Everbonder can solve it at one time!

Caution and First Aid
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1. Non-edible, do not use it in food or drink containers.

2. Keep out of reach of children.

3. Avoid eyes and skin contact.

4. Keep away from sunlight and flame.

5. Keep away from the moisture for the best quality of the product and seal the containers tightly after use.

First Aid

Eyes: Immediately flush the eyes with water for at least 15 minutes. Get medical attention.​

Skin: Immediately wash with soap and water. Wash contaminated clothing before reuse. Get medical attention if symptoms occur.​

Inhalation: Remove to fresh air. If symptoms persist, obtain medical attention.​

Ingestion: Clean with water and drink plenty of water. Induce vomiting. Keep individual calm. Obtain medical attention.​

  • Technical Specification
    Packaging Box Size: 50 x 30 x 133 mm Product Size: ø27 x 46 x 115 mm Resin Type: Modified Silicone Feature: Strong adhesion, versatile, easy to use, multi-piurpose, waterproof glue Open Working Time: 5-10 minutes Recommended Fix Time: 30-60 minutes (Non-Flowable), 1-2 hours (Flowable) *Fix time also depend on the object weight, room temperature, and humidity Full Curing Time: 7 days Available Color: Black, White, & Clear (Flowable) Black & White (Non-Flowable) Finishing: Sandable & Paintable Shelf Life: 3 years
  • Usage Direction
    How-to-use: 1. Take out the cap and remove the aluminum foil. 2. Install the nozzle on the tube and cut it to the size that you prefer. 3. Clean the surface before applying the glue. 4. Squeeze the glue on the substrate and bond it with the other parts. 5. Hold it for a while, for some specific applications, you can use tape, binder clips, clamp, etc. for a temporary holder. 6. Do not move the substrate for 30 to 60 minutes. 7. It can be fixed entirely after 12 to 24 hours. After 7 days, it can reach maximum strength. Storage: 1. Use the cloth to clean a tube and a nozzle. Please make sure there is no residual glue left on the tube. 2. Seal the container immediately and tightly after used. 3. Store in a dry place and keep it away from moisture. 4. Keeping in an air-tight bag and cool temperature (14-34°C) for longer shelf life. 5. The glue can be kept for 3 years from the production date. Reuse: 1. Use a pin to pry out the dried chunks of glue inside the tube. 2. Squeeze the glue out to make sure there is no residual glue left.
  • FAQs
    1. What is the size of MS multipurpose glues? MS multipurpose glue is available in 50ml. 2. What is the shelf life of MS multipurpose glue? EverBonder MS multipurpose glue can be stored for 3 years (Unopened glue). 3. How many colors of MS multipurpose glue? Flowable: White, Black, and Clear. Non-flowable: White and Black. 4. Do the MS multipurpose glues work underwater? It can work underwater and be cured underwater, such as water tubes, rainwater tanks, aquariums, etc. 5. Do the MS multipurpose glues have the flexibility? It has flexibility after full-cured. 6. Can we apply the paint on MS multipurpose glues? Yes, both water-based and oil-based paints are not problems with the MS multipurpose glues. 7. Do MS multipurpose glues have UV resistance? The UV rays are not affecting the MS multipurpose glues and also the glues are not broken due to the sunlight. For the outdoor application, we would suggest the black color because clear and white color will have a yellowing effect when it is exposed to UV light. 8. How long does it take to fully cure? After applying the glue, it needs to use the tape, binder clips, clamps, etc., for a temporary holder for around 1-2 hours. MS multipurpose glues need 12-24 hours for full cure. It can reach maximum strength after 7 days. It is totally not a big problem with 200kgs. 9. What temperature can MS multipurpose glues stand after it is fully cured? MS multipurpose glues can stand for -40°C to 100°C. 10. How to remove and clean the residue glue before curing? Before curing, you can use the Isopropyl alcohol to clean. 11. How to remove and clean the residue glue after curing? It needs to use the hair dryer's heat to make the glue soft and then use the scraper to remove it. (Due to the high bonding strength of the adhesive, it may slightly affect the surface substrate material). 12. Is the transparent type will change the color after curing? The transparent would same as non-curing glue. 13. What temperature can we keep MS multipurpose glues? Keep in an air-tight bag and store it at room temperature (14-34°C) or put in the refrigerator to avoid drying and longer shelf life. 14. Would MS multipurpose shrink after curing? It would not shrink after curing. 15. Does it feel irritating when touched? No, it is not. For the sensitive person, please wear the glove before using it. In case of accidental contact with eyes, skin, breathing, or ingestion, seek medical attention immediately. 16. What kind of material do not suitable for MS multipurpose glues? MS multipurpose glues are not suitable to use on Polypropylene (PP) and Polyethylene (PE).
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