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Epoxy Resin for Potting


Product portfolio

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How to Choose

Fast-curing Epoxy

Working time: 2 hours
Applicable: small volume potting
Recommended volume: <100g
Full curing time: 12~24hrs
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圖層 2.png

Slow-curing Epoxy

Working time: 6 hours
Applicable: big volume glue need
                             potting with several layers
Recommended volum
e: 1kg (estimate 17.5cm*6.5cm*6cm)
Full curing time: 1~2 days


EverBonder potting glue is easier to defoam than other brands of potting glue. 
You can use hot water to defoam, then use a toothpick to break the bubbles

Yellowing resistant

EverBonder potting glue is designed with anti-yellowing properties ensuring that it maintains transparent color even after exposure to sunlights for long time

Safe and secure

EverBonder potting glue dose not contain harmful substances, no harm to babies and pets


Low Odor

By the efforts of the R&D team, when using EverBonder potting glue no need to worry about bad smell


How to Use

1. Please prepare

 all the items.
           Pour the glue into

    the cup follow

         mixing ratio (2:1)

2. Stir the glue until
it well mixed

3. Apply on
         the surface

4. At this point,
   you can add
       materials and
      secure them
with clips

5. Full cure after
     4 hours

Product Package
Product Package


potting glue

Big bottle

Part A: 700g: Part B: 350g​

Small bottle

Part A: 400g: Part B: 200g

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