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Structural Glue

Epoxy resin and Acrylic resin for structural bonding applications in many substates

This two products series can complete all the structural bonding problem 

high toughness, high hardness, chemical resistance

Structural Epoxy Glue


​Highest bonding strength over 500 kg

*The number is only for reference of maximum bonding strength has been tested in our lab after 7 days fully cured, different substrate and environment may have different result.

Chemical Resistance

Epoxy's strong chemical resistance properties make it the ultimate solution for various applications. Its ability to withstand harsh chemicals, acids, and solvents 

Non flammable series

The non-flammable epoxy product series has the ability to withstand exposure to flames without catching fire. This characteristic makes it a suitable choice for applications where resistance to fire is crucial. 

Fast and slow curing series

Fast-curing epoxy provides quick initial strength while slow-curing epoxy achieves higher bonding strength exceeding 500kg after full curing. Choose based on your specific needs for speed and ultimate strength.

Structural Acrylic Glue

Low surface energy materials

This product is suitable for all kinds of plastic materials, including those that are difficult to bond (such as PP, PA, PE) due to their low surface energy. It offers fast curing, high bonding strength, chemical resistance, and is environmentally friendly.

How to Use

1. Apply the glue out

2. Well mixing

3. Apply on the surface

4. Press and fixate it with tape/clamp

5. Fix entirely after 30 minutes 

Product Package

Glue Spreader

Surface Cleaning Wipes

Push Rod


Structural Glue

Packaging Box

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Structural Epoxy Glue

Structural Acrylic Glue

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